About Tom Elenbaas - Tom Elenbaas Photography

Welcome. For visitors to this site who don’t already know me I am a business and real estate attorney living and working in Southern California. While the practice of law (www.ElenbaasLaw.com) is my vocation, landscape and fine art photography is my avocation. I have always enjoyed photography but it was the advent of digital imagery that really piqued my interest. By scanning my 35mm negatives and slides I started editing digital images in the late 1990s, even before I started shooting digital.

Having spent the last four decades working in a left-brain world, landscape photography helps me stay in touch with my creative side. Over the past few years I have attended a number of workshops with some amazing photographers who have encouraged me to move beyond merely taking pictures of interesting places to creating interesting photographs.

I hope you enjoy this site and please contact me with feedback and comments.

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