Welcome. For visitors to this site who don’t already know me I am a business and real estate attorney living and working in Southern California. While the practice of law (www.ElenbaasLaw.com) is my vocation, photography is my avocation. Having spent the last four decades working in a left-brain world, my camera helps me stay in touch with my creative side. I have always enjoyed taking pictures but it was the advent of digital imaging that really piqued my interest. The release of the shutter is just the beginning of the artistic process. Computer technology gives me the tools to fully realize my vision for an image. The range of editing techniques available in Photoshop and elsewhere allow me to augment reality in ways not possible in the days of film photography.

Because I don’t have to worry about making a living through my photography I am free to pursue what interests me, not what is profitable. My photographic pursuits take me to many spectacular locales where I relish immersing myself in the beauty of my surroundings as much as I enjoy the process of documenting the moment. I strive through my imagery to move beyond simply taking a picture that captures a point in time. Instead I seek to create an image that evokes in the viewer an emotional response similar to what I experienced when I pressed the shutter.

I hope you enjoy this site and please contact me with feedback and comments.

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